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"In this fine book, Guy Strazz covers all of the need-to-know scales, arpeggios and basic improvisation approaches for jazz guitar. Jazz Guitar Mastery provides a solid foundation for the vocational guitarist and the keen amateur alike and contains a wealth of invaluable material to explore and enjoy."

Carl Orr (Billy Cobham, Sting, Randy Brecker)
“Guy is a consummate master of the guitar. He has performed at the highest level in many styles and genres across the world for decades. His passion for composition, improvisation and education is astounding.
Guy has brought all his experience and talents to bear in this beautifully put together and comprehensive insight into this jazz guitar method.”

Mark Johns (Jeff Beck, Faith Hill, Cleo Lane)
“Navigating the labyrinthine complexities of the fretboard is one of the most problematic aspects of guitar playing, for beginners and professionals alike. Guy has rethought traditional fretboard navigation methodologies and simplified things in a very logical and satisfying way. Highly recommended!"

James Muller (Chad Wackerman, Herbie Hancock, John Scofield)
Guy's systematic approach shines a bright light on the prerequisite tools needed in order to become a great jazz player."

Rez Abbasi - author of New Dimensions in Jazz Guitar
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