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 Guitar Lessons on Zoom

Guy is available for online lessons or face-to-face at Music Works Studios.

Regular online (no beginners) lesson are $45 x 30 min or $90 x 60 min while casual or one-off lessons are $110 for one hour. Each lesson includes support material.

Bookings/inquiries email Guy  

Rhythm and lead guitar (pick/finger-style), musicianship, technique, tunes and improvising.
jazz-related, Latin music, rock, funk, and classical guitar.


Saxon Penn

“It is through Guy’s scrupulous and dedicated approach to music pedagogy, which comes from an infinite wealth of knowledge and worldly experience that continues to leave me inspired after each and every lesson.”

Jeff Galea -Bmus, MA

"Guy is a world class musician and his online classes have given me the opportunity to take advantage of his knowledge and experience without having to leave home. Any trepidation about learning online disappeared after a few minutes of the first lesson and I highly recommend that others take advantage of this opportunity."


Dr David Darnell

It has been my pleasure to receive tuition in both Jazz and Classical guitar from Guy Strazz for the past 4 years. I have been impressed by Guy’s deep knowledge of both guitar performance and musical theory and history. I have admired his talent as a performer and appreciated his ability to adjust his teaching from those with very advanced guitar ability to those, like myself, with much more modest aspirations.
I would highly recommend Guy to anyone interested in learning Jazz, Blues or Classical guitar.

Jerome Drobot

“I am 15 years old, my background is in rock music. I started learning guitar with Guy Strazz four years ago. He is a very knowledgeable and thorough guitar teacher with a sharp attention to detail. He has helped me discover and learn many different things, from using different lead and rhythm techniques to learning new genres such as jazz, Latin music, and improvising in these styles. I always enjoy and look forward to the lessons."

Kairavan Selvarajan

“Lessons with Guy are relaxed and stimulating. My repertoire, technique, and musicianship continue to flourish through his skilful instruction and deep knowledge of Latin music , jazz, classical music, and improvisation”

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